NESI was Awarded ¡°2015 Low Carbon Business Model¡±

[2015/7/1] 1863

NESI was awarded ¡°2015 low carbon business model¡± with the mode of solar livable town in the opening of ¡°low carbon model of China¡± summit and award ceremony which was hosted by the Economic Observer in June 30th, 2015.
National related departments, experts and scholars fully affirmed the model and benchmark effect of national low carbon development which reflected in that NESI created the mode of solar livable town and devoted to improve the rural sustainable development of low carbon economy. In the future, NESI will continue to play the industry leader role and contribute to more energy to promote the business of low carbon environmental protection.

2015 Low Carbon Model of China Awards List
APP (China) Household Paper.
Amway (China) Commodity Co., Ltd.
Qingdao New Energy Solutions Inc.
Beijing Luky Dayu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.
TOYOTA Automobile Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Aiduobei Health Technology Co., Ltd.
Coca-Cola Beverage (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
SPD Bank
Stan Mileba Gauck Environment Co., Ltd.
Golden Concord Holdings Ltd.
Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.


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