Secretary Liqun Came to Inspect and Research NESI Yinchuan Yongning Project

[2015/7/16] 1739

Liqun, member of the Standing Committee of Shandong province and secretary of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, and other related leaders companied by Lijianzhi, president of NESI, and major leaders went to NESI Yinchuan Yongning county Minning town project base in July 15th. Lirui, vice president of the Ningxia Hui Nationality Autonomous Region, with them made an on-spot investigation on Yongning agricultural science and technology industrial park project.
In the morning of 15th, secretary Liqun, vice president Lirui and his company first came to project park. NESI president Lijianzhi made a detailed report on recently work of project construction, park management, industry pattern and the key point of future work.
Secretary Liqun and vice president Lirui listened work report carefully and made relevant comments on the report. They pointed out that Yongning PV park is the success profile of NESI innovative industry model and it is the new opportunity and measure for local farmers to get rich. Meanwhile, they encouraged NESI to grasp the development opportunity, help Yongning local farmers to get rid of poverty and increase their income with good project, and solve the bottleneck problem of new village construction.

After a day of on-spot inspection and research, secretary Liqun was impressed with the economic return and the perspectiveness of construction of Yongning project and affirmed highly of the first phase 30MW project which is implemented. In particular, he pointed out that the core competence of Qingdao is built on innovation ability, entrepreneurial activity and Makers¡¯ potency. As the representative of Qingdao private economy, NESI is the model of Qingdao ¡°going out¡± innovative industrial economic pattern and it can do from itself. NESI actively supports the implementation of ¡°One Belt One Road¡± construction and promotes environmental protection in the western region. These actions accelerate the transformation of traditional agricultural gradient and promote the transformation and upgrading of the local agricultural structure, the achievement is remarkable. Meanwhile, as an exemplary enterprise in Qingdao new economic field, NESI puts forward the higher requirement for itself, continues to take the road of science and technology innovation, idea innovation and mode innovation. Through the combination of production and financing, NESI increases the input of various resources needed for industrial development, accelerates the transformation of agricultural economic benefits. NESI is required to take its place in the front rank of innovation-driven strategy implementation. As the industrialized leading of PV agriculture, NESI will spread the idea of PV agriculture innovation, entrepreneurship and makers which is incubated in Qingdao, and make a greater contribution for ¡°popular entrepreneurship and innovation¡± construction and the local economic development.


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