Shanxi Shouyang 30MW PV Agricultural Greenhouse Power Station Project was Connected on Grid

[2015/7/23] 1800

In the morning of July 19th, NESI Shanxi Shouyang 30MW PV agricultural science and technology greenhouse power station project was connected on grid.
The total floor area of Shanxi Shouyang PV agricultural science and technology greenhouse power station project is 1,400 mu, the installed capacity is 30MW and it is included 214 agricultural science and technology greenhouses and supporting facility construction, total investment is 50 million yuan. The average annual power generation capacity of this project is about 35,874,800 kw/h which can save standard coal about 12,197.43t per year, reduce SO2 emissions about 170.76t per year, reduce carbon dust emissions about 121.97t and CO2 emissions about 30,493.58t. Total power generation capacity of the project is about 898,670,000 kw/h in 25-year and it can save electricity about 898,670,000 yuan. Annual income of edible mushroom cultivation under the greenhouse is about 50 million yuan, starting agricultural deep processing, product packaging and brand sales can increse tax revenue 25 million yuan and create 500-800 jobs. This project plays a huge role in increasing income and becoming rich for the local farmer of Shouyang, improving rural ¡°hollowing out¡± and solving the issue of agriculture, rural ares and farmers.
At present, Shouyang county party committee and government will take construction and development of modern efficient agriculture as the top priority of economic development. According to the work ideas ¡°centralized planning, contiguous development, point to area, advancing on the whole¡±, it relys on NESI platform, establishs a photovoltaic agricultural science and technology demonstration park which organic combinates tha local ¡°efficient agriculture¡± and ¡°PV power generation¡±. Meanwhile the development of clean energy, expands monocrop greenhouse to the sightseeing tourism, farm breeding and other fields. The combination of organic agriculture, environmental energy power generation and agricultural sightseeing tourism effectively drive the development of local new agriculture and achieved the real sense of the efficient green recycling agriculture. The prospect of market is bright after the work ideas put into use.


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